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Advanced Hair Studio India Reviews
  • "I have been coming here for over a year now. I was very skeptical initially as I had tried a variety of treatments to no effect. But with time, I have noticed a distinct improvement in my hair. The people here are really great, and I would definitely suggest the Advanced Hair Studio India to anyone who is suffering from hair loss. Thank you so much Advanced Hair Studio India!"

    - Anjali Tendulkar
  • I am really happy with my hair now. Great work Advanced Hair Studio India.

    Ajay Sherawat
  • It feels really good, gives you totally natural look, before this procedure I have gone through hair transplant also (twice). But the results that I got through this procedure is beyond imagination. Good Job done Advanced Hair Studio India.

    Mr. Alok Vasudeva
  • It was nice experience as all the staff was very co-operative. But the major thing was about the behaviors of the doctor. It was awesome, everything was nice. Hope to come back again for Laser therapy. Thank you Advanced Hair Studio India.

    Mr. Arijit Kar
  • I liked the treatment. Staff is good. Raj is caretaking person. Hair wash was very fine. Thanks Advanced Hair Studio India.

    Mr. Gaurav Goswami
  • It was a nice experience. Doctor was also quite convincing in nature. After follow up was taken good care by Miss Mansi. In short everything was OK and to my satisfaction. Keep it up Advanced Hair Studio India. Thanks.

    Mr. Pradeep Pandya
  • I started with AHS in London (UK) as I was living there. Had my first procedure done there which was quite a new experience, but I have got used to it. Transferred to Delhi Studio in Sep. 2008. Started off with Hazel who was very helpful & professional. Had small issues to get started with reception & booking but eventually got sorted. Stylists have never been any issue. I have seen three- Hazel, Vaney & Silky, all excellent. I would go so far to say there are better than stylists in London almost. Generally everything good. I am used to the procedure now so that also helps. Not to be partial, but Silky’s work is excellent and test a very long time. Interaction with clients great. Thanks Advanced Hair Studio India.

    Mr. Mahtab Bashan
  • I am satisfied with the look. I look much younger than before. Thanks Advanced Hair Studio India.

    Ms. Jyotsna Chakma
  • The experience at the studio has always been pleasant. Vaney & her support team are friendly, professional & customer Oriented. Great job Advanced Hair Studio India.

    Mr. Munish Sapra
  • Excellent service, very professionally & efficiently managed. A special mention for my stylist- Silky, who made sure I was very comfortable and well taken care of. Thanks Advanced Hair Studio India.

    Mr. Sahil Narang
  • I have always been very concerned about my hair. I used to choose my shampoo with utmost consideration. Despite all this, my hair started falling. I got so scared that I stopped combing my hair for a while. But then I was referred Advanced Hair Studio by a friend. I must say that I have been relieved of all my worries! Firstly, the staff there is so courteous and qualified. They suggested me just the right treatment for my hair and then the cutting edge technology they used did wonders to bring back the lost sheen and shine of my hair along with the volume and bounce I had always wished! I just want to thank Advanced Hair Studio India for the wonderful service provided by them. I’d suggest all my friends to visit this place for any sort of hair related problem.
  • I realized my hair problem when it had already increased to a large extent. I had to find an instant solution to it and then I came across Advanced Hair Studio India. I must say I was amazed by such effective results. Initially I was uncertain about the treatment I was opting for but the doctors there assured me completely about the technology used by them. I trusted them and they did not break my trust at all! I am so happy by the services I got at Advanced Hair Studio India and moreover the excellent results that improved the quality of my hair which is much better, shiny and smooth now! Thank you.
  • Advanced Hair Studio India indeed gave me the results I was looking for. I was very disturbed by the heavy hair fall I was experiencing everyday and nothing seemed to work. But when my mother suggested me to visit Advanced Hair Studio India I thought of giving it a chance. I am very glad I took this opportunity as the laser treatment showed wonderful results in giving me back my lost hair adding to that my hair now looks even more healthy, nourished and silky!!
  • I was very scared of hair treatments till the time I came across Advanced Hair Studio India. The professionals there were very kind and well versed with technologies used by the company. They suggested me the laser treatment and I can proudly flaunt my bouncy black hair now!! Thanks Advanced Hair Studio India.
  • Advanced Hair Studio India helped me get back my confidence as today I can proudly flaunt my long beautiful hair! However, it wasn’t the same some time back. I was very worried about my hair. My hair started thinning and falling rapidly. My friend then recommended me Advanced Hair Studio India and I couldn’t stop thanking her! My hair is now not just bouncy and shiny but also very healthy and nourished!